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Evaluation of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR for an Application in Geosciences

Luetzenburg et al. 2021

Photo credit: Kent Pørksen

IAG Highlights Third Issue 2021

The third issue of the IAG highlights in 2021

Third IAG GeoNorth Newsletter June 2021

Find the GeoNorth newsletter from June 2021 here:

Webinars on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Webinars on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology is a short-term virtual mobility course that consists of five webinars on different topics of geomorphology, geomorphological hazards and Quaternary geology.

Deadline for application is the 22 February 2021.

For more information, click here!

IAG Webinar – Northern Europe

Second IAG GeoNorth Newsletter

Swedish Southern Ocean Network

The Southern Ocean Observing System is currently setting up a Swedish Southern Ocean Network! If your research is connected to the Southern Ocean, or if you are generally interested, check out their website.

For those who would like to get involved: An early career researcher position on the leadership team of the network will be advdvertised soon!

Upcoming IAG International Geomorphology Week 2021


International Geomorphology Week is celebrated each year during the first week of March. Its aim is to promote geomorphology in all its forms, and mobilise the geomorphological community in general.

Find more information and news on the IAG homepage!

New Geomorphology book series with GeoNorth participation

IAG-endorsed Springer book series on World Geomorphological Landscapes: Beylich, A.A. (Ed.) 2021. Landscapes and Landforms of Norway. World Geomorphological Landscapes. Springer.

Call for submissions for the second GeoNorth newsletter

We are inviting you to submit contributions to the upcoming second GeoNorth newsletter (December 2020). The newsletter will be distributed through the existing GeoNorth mailing list and through Geomorphlist and Cryolist.

The newsletter can include the following types of contributions related to the Nordic countries:

  • notice on relevant ongoing or future research projects,
  • notice on new and relevant scientific publications,
  • highlights/short report from field work or projects (you can also include a photo),
  • notice on relevant upcoming meetings, workshops, seminars,
  • announcement of training courses and exchange opportunities for students and PhD students,
  • relevant job advertisements,
  • other important information you would like to share.

You are invited to send your contributions to Katja Laute ( by 15 November 2020.

First GeoNorth Conference

The first GeoNorth conference was held virtually on 1-2 October 2020. You can find the volume of abstracts and the scientific conference report here:

The first GeoNorth newsletter

Find the first GeoNorth newsletter from June 2020 here:

IAG Affiliation

Check out our GeoNorth poster and the IAG approval letter:

Stay updated about recent GeoNorth activities on our Twitter page:

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