Young Geomorphologists

GeoNorth has a key focus on the initiation and development of Young Geomorphologists activities and on the formation of Young Geomorphologists groups in the five Nordic countries.

Are you a Young Geomorphologist in one of the five Nordic countries and would you like to connect with other young scientists in your field? Contact us!

IAG Training Programme

The International Association of Geomorphologists offers a range of training programms and finacial support for Young Geomorphologists participating at these training events.

Young Geomorphologists National Representatives

Ramona Schneider

Sweden –

Ramona is a recently graduated MSc student in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology from Stockholm University. She loves polar and alpine environments and enjoys being outdoors a lot. Her current research foci are glacial and fluvial process geomorphology, geomorphological systems, paleoglaciology, and remote sensing. In her most recent project, she investigates landscape evolution of the SE Tibetan Plateau and the potential of fluvial terraces as climate proxies. As an ECS representative from Sweden, Ramona is excited about creating a strong, inclusive community which helps young scientists thrive, both professionally and personally.

Gregor Luetzenburg

Denmark –

Gregor is a PhD fellow at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the drivers of coastal cliff erosion in Denmark and Greenland. By applying remote sensing data to investigate rates of coastal change along sedimentary cliffs over time, he is gaining insights into different processes of cliff failure. As an ECS representative of Denmark within the GeoNorth community, Gregor is enthusiastic about building a network between young Geomorphologists in the Nordic countries. He is looking forward to the new position as ECS representative and promoting an inclusive science community.

Adina Moraru

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway





As a Young Geomorphologists National Representative you have the opportunity to create young geomorphologists activities in your Nordic country together with the other Young Geomorphologists National Representatives. Consider the opportunity to become a Young Geomorphologists National Representative for Iceland, Finland or Norway. We would like YOU to join our team!

IAG Network of Young Geomorphologist Groups

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